We all know someone that has had to get a roof repair done on an aging roof of their house. At Your Roof Doctor, we have an installer and repair person that has 28 years of experience finding and fixing those pesky spots that seem to leak at the worst of times. Please do not wait to get a leak fixed before it becomes a bigger problem than it is. To often we see examples of a small leak that only shows water when it is raining really hard. This is always the first precursor to a problem that will never get better but only worse. Spend the amount of money needed to get that roof repair fixed before you have water damage to your walls and ceiling. Creating a fix that will only cost you more money.

Easy step process for fixing a water problem

Contact us, tell us your problem, set up a time for inspection, and have the problem area fixed that day if possible!! Jeremy Mattison; your roof doctor, specializes in finding water problems and giving you solutions. We are very easy to work with and have various solutions that will leave you with confidence that your roof repair is done right. We do have a minimum charge for fixing a roof leak but rest assured that it will be done right. We identify, consult with you, and get the job done! If you ever have any questions or have worries about your roof, always feel free to contact us and we will give you our opinion of what needs to be done.